Let it Glow: Coordinating Lighting and Accents for a Stunning, Festive Feel


Let it Glow: Coordinating Lighting and Accents for a Stunning, Festive Feel

December brings with it a slew of holidays, marked by the arrangement of celebratory decor, recreations of traditional family recipes and – who could forget – carefully selected lighting. Whether on the mantel, rooftop or tree, the last year of the month gives you the opportunity to showcase lighting. Of course, your home’s interior is no exception. By coordinating exceptional pendants and chandeliers with clever accents, you can achieve a sensational balance between festive and luxurious. Get inspired with a few of our lighting-accent pairs below.


Motif is composed of convex Italian glass patterned in a gold leaf finished frame and looks like a stylish earring turned on its side. Pair with one of Horchow’s pearl sunburst stocking holders to bring out the pendant’s gold and alternating glass features.



Tiara is a sumptuous chandelier that features faceted pear crystal and a beautifully designed bronze leaf frame. Couple with a mirror tray used to serve your guests flutes of champagne or as a platform for small decorative displays. The tray effectively reflects the lighting in the room without distracting from the elegant centerpiece.



Chimera is a multi-dimensional statement piece arranged with rows of tassels hung at altering lengths and suspended from a hand-crafted frame. Complement the lighting with a Swarovski candle holder. The minimalist decoration accentuates the exquisite Chimera, bringing out its silver tones with a wintry feel.


With an eye toward design, a little bit of imagination and a great lighting centerpiece, you can bring out the holiday spirit without compromising a tasteful interior.